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We decided to head way back in the creek to find new some water after missing several fish on the fly. The wind was pushing down the creek at a good clip making it hard to get the fly just right. We changed over to spinning rods and missed two more on toads. Changed to hollow body frogs and missed four more. Changed again to swimbaits and flukes and missing three more. By then we where trapped with no real escape from the storm. Radar showed a single band so we hunkered down in safe area. It ended but just to make sure all is safe I checked radar again and an even bigger one was coming in less than 10 minutes. No way I was going to get out there in 10 minutes. So we told stories of valor and courage and used a new to me word "Distend-able". About 10pm we sneaked out between storm fronts and ran back to the ramp. All the power was out in Indian Head..
A great adventure with a great crew.
Capt Mike

The skies grew dark and the sea got rough and the boat sailed on and on and on and oooooon...

Lots of hit and we put fish in the boat and one lost snakehead. A couple of real good casters. One of the brothers claimed to have not fished in three years. He picked it back up real quick laying toads in all the right places. We watched a Great Blue Heron stab a 16" snakehead then, go in for the second time to pick it up. We tell people say that everything eats the snakehead and we watched it happen tonight. It tells me we are fishing the right area. We just need to get them to eat. The lightning came and we played it safe and left biting fish. We made it to the ramp and it started raining. We got to the parking lot and all heck broke loose. Man what a storm.

Capt Dave
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