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Tonight's trip had some family on board. I think they missed about a dozen hits or more but had a great time. They let me fish for bit as I worked the trolling motor. Caught a nice Potomac Pike on a Jumping Frog and three chunky LGmouths.

Capt Mike

We were worried about fishing after such a thorough soaking yesterday. I was surprised that the main creek while dirty wasn't flowing with mud like after the last rain. Back in the pad it was pretty darn clear. I did find different temperatures depending on where we were. Anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees cooler than last weeks temperatures. The I have to say were way more active than they have been. Lots of hits and fish on today. Not all came to the boat but, we have a few pictures. Really great crew that had a great sense of humor. They kept a leader board for lost fish. I had fun tonight. The weather was fantastic. A welcome relief from temps in the 90's.

Capt Dave
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