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June Bug took the Hutchinson party overnight on their annual adventure. Jim, Sr, Jr. George, Bob, Dave, and Paul. All experienced but Paul for offshore fishing.

Started fishing 3 miles inside the 100 Tip of the Toms at 2:30 afternoon on Saturday. Sea conditiongs were 2-3, wind 10-12 from the NE. Greta conditions. Lines were in about 3 minutes before the first knockdown. White Marlin that missed. Circled around and as we got to the spot again, Whack on the other long rigger. Another White or maybe the same one. Tore the Bally behind the hook. Another couple of passes and no bites so we went back on the original course to the Tip. 1/2 mile more, BIG hit on long center rigger but, again, didn't pick the bait up. Another 1/2 mile, big whack on a long flat and we had our first Longfin. Did a tight oval and picked up another Longfin on each westbound leg.

Worked out to the drop to look for where bait was holding and picked up nice Mahi both free swimming and off a couple of pots. Mostly 10 to 15 pounders. Had 9 Longfins and about 10 Mahi by dark. They ran 50 to 70, nice fish.

Not much activity. Caught a few nice Mahi, released a tiny Sword and had a larger on get cut off in the props, and released a 10 pound and 70 pound Mako.

Started trolling at 6 a.m. and started picking Longfins immediately. Had another 10 in the boat before running out of storage space.

Tried circling out in the deep but no fish were caught in water deeper than 500.

Water temps held steady at 67.6 the whole trip. We caught the Longfins best at 4.5 knots. A faster speed and they missed the baits.

Mates Dante Soriente and Capt. Nate Figley did super jobs. They were tired dudes after we finished cleaning up.

Capt. Lindsay Fuller
Cell 609-685-2839
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