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hello to everyone.
hope everyone is doing well.
i just wanted to drop a line letting everyone know that i haven't dropped of the Earth.
i've just been very busy and haven't had the chance to get back on the boards.

i did get the chance to get to Virginia Beach to do some rock fishing this past weekend.
the short story is:
weather was absolutely beautiful both Sunday & Monday, mid 70's, sunny and westerly winds, couldn't have been better for mid January!
caught our limit both days in just a matter of hours, ran north from Rudee Inlet to the Wachapregue area on Sunday and south to the Outter Banks on Monday.
caught my biggest rock to date...48", 40 pounds! and even had a double header (trolling) with a 23 and a 25 pounder! (actually had many doubles but these were my biggest)
average fish Sunday was about 37" but Monday they were almost all in the low 40's!!!

i'll try to check back in soon.

stay warm everyone! maybe i'll see you at the boat show!

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