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I was at Rudee tonight heading in when a good size boat came through Owls Creek hard on the throttle. As I got in to the ramp the driver of the boat was futilely trying to back up his trailer to the ramp with his 2 year old daughter in tow, and someone had parked their car in the path of the boat ramp. Car block was Karma stage one. Finally gets trailer to ramp only to get it to close to dock to get boat on trailer. I asked him, “Are you Okay?” Yea, that car was in the middle of the ramp. I replied, “No I mean when you came through the inlet at full throttle, in a no wake zone.” He apologized profusely, and I wrote it off to lack of knowledge and began to lend him a hand getting his boat on the trailer. He repositioned his trailer after about four attempts. Karma Step two. When he got out he regaled me with the story of the huge croakers and flounder he caught just inside the Rudee Bridge. As I was pushing his boat toward the trailer (Karma step three kicked in) I noticed that the trailer was coming toward the boat awful fast. I’m not pushing hard so I yelled, “YOUR TRUCK!” It was coming in the water, two year old in the front seat, boats hitting the trailer, trailer is pushing boat into dock, I’m pushing boat away from me, he is between boat and truck, and he gets in the front seat, and pulls his two year old off the gear column. (Note to self, before leaving truck, strap two year old into car seat in the back seat). Now, everyone is calm, boats on trailer and he begins to pull out when the last known step of Karma kicked in. This is the part where you use the tilt on your motor so you don’t drag your footer across the concrete. He gets out, looks at the boat, and I shout “Tilt your motor”. Its great to catch fish, the feeling of a big catch is fantastic, but try to remain calm. Thank goodness Kayaks don’t have footers. And no, I didn't have any luck, with the fish.

Fish on.
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