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KAYAK FISHING: Gift ideas for the Kayak Angler

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Water Cloud Sky Boat Watercraft
by Cory Routh
Looking for gifts for guys or gals that kayak fish? Look no further, here are a few options for you.

Watershed Drybags and Padded Inserts
As a kayak angler it is very important to keep my gear dry, and as a professional photographer/writer it is even more important to keep expensive camera equipment dry. I have used many drybags but have found one to truly live up to the name. I bought two Watershed dry bag three years ago, they have traveled all over with me and taken some pretty rough treatment, but I still trust them enough to bring my $3000 camera and lens on the kayak with me. Watershed also offers a padded inserts and a divider kits that turns their duffel style bags into the ultimate waterproof bag. These dry bags are made in Asheville, NC and made so well they are the preferred dry bags of the Navy SEALS. Now if they can trust Watershed, why shouldn’t you? Learn more about them and where to buy them at www.drybags.com or visit Watershed Chattooga Dry Duffel Bag MSRP varies with model.

Water Boat Sky Cloud Plant

Precision Pak CRatePak Tackle Organizer
After extensive R&D, Precision Pak and yours truly have evolved the common milk crate into the ultimate tackle management tool. The result is the Precision Pak CratePak. The self-Draining 'CRatePak' covers a standard milk crate and holds three fishing rods, tackle boxes and most of your tackle gear. It includes integrated 3-Rod/Reel holder, multiple durable mesh and fabric pockets with Velcro closures, our yakpak3 style stern light holder, a large mesh fabric navigational map pocket, and(4) 'D-Rings' for attaching tools and/Or for securing the crate-Pak to your kayak's rigging. Unit includes (4) ea. Velcro tipped retention straps to reinforce your milk crate with the CRatePak. Reinforced 2-1/8" wide fabric slits at top-Right and top-Left sides suitable for a carry or shoulder strap. The CRatePak is also designed for canoe, power boat, surf, shore and pier fishing. MSRP $ 49.95. Check them out at your local paddlesports retailer or at www.precision-pak.com.

Water Sky Cloud Boat Watercraft

Backwater Paddle Company Hand Paddles
Backwater Paddle company has produced two hand paddles that allow you to maneuver the kayak while still keeping a hand on your fishing rod. I have been using them for a few months now and they are great inexpensive addition to you kayak fishing arsenal. Back water makes two version of this paddle the Predator, which has a square design, is touted for use on Sit In Kayaks (SINKs). The Piranha which has a longer asymmetrical design is the preferred paddle for Sit On Top kayaks (SOTs). Both paddles are designed with a built in Hook for retrieving fishing lines, anchor lines, etc. The Piranha sports a scalloped blade edge for pushing off of rocks, pilings, etc. What a great present for the kayak angler who has it all. MSRP is $24.95. Their website is www.backwaterpaddles.com.

Water Sky Vertebrate Lake Fisherman

Marsh Works Inshore Lures
If targeting inshore species like Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Snook and Striped Bass is what keeps you on the water, than Marsh Works Inshore Tackle has everything you need to target these and other species. A proven tournament winning tackle manufacture offering everything from jig heads, four styles of soft plastics, popping corks, inline and r-bend spinner baits and weedless gold spoons. All of the jig heads are made using Mustad hooks in either 3/0 and 4/0 with sizes raging from 1/8-1/2 ounce. Soft plastics include two styles of swim baits, the Bayou Thumper comes in a three and four inch model and in enough colors for any water and light condition. Also offered is the Ripple Shad, a four inch soft plastic jerk bait with a hollow pocket for weedless EWG hook presentation. Finally in the soft plastics is the Killa Squilla, a shrimp imitating style bait that has become a favorite of mine for everything from a finicky Trout to the schoolie stripers. For an added deadly combo suspending any of these baits under one of the three styles of popping corks will definitely get a fishes attention. If you are in the market for proven tackle made proudly here in the USA you need to take some Marsh Works tackle with you next time you target your favorite inshore fish. Get Out, Get Bit! www.marsh-works.com Review by Mark Lozier.

Cory Routh is an outdoor writer, author, photographer and kayak fishing guide. His most recent book is Kayak Fishing; The Complete Guide which covers all the details of kayak fishing. It's a must read for beginning and expert kayak fishing enthusiasts. You can purchase the book below

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