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KAYAK FISHING: How To Rig Your New Kayak For Fishing - Part 3

Published on 02-28-2013 10:03 AM

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By Mark Lozier
Ok you’ve found the kayak that fit your fishing conditions. You also have bought the necessary accessories, PFD, paddle and safety equipment. You've read Kayak Fishing Rigging Part One and Kayak Fishing Part Two. Now it’s time to add some extras. There are many things on the market to make your kayak a fishing machine. I refer to keep it simple and functional. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the more you add the more will get in the way. You are dealing with a smaller cockpit than our brothers in power boats. Things that get in the way can become a nuisance and even make fishing and landing fish a chore. Get what you want but also what you need not just because it’s cool looking.

An anchor trolley system is a definite plus. Basically is similar to the old clothes line that people used to dry laundry. It is a system consisting of pulleys at both ends of the kayak with cord running through them. A ring is in the middle of the line to attach your anchor line or stake out pole to. From there you can shuttle the line either direction depending on how you want to “set” your kayak in the current. This is probably one of the first things I like to install whenever I get a new kayak. Also I like to put it on the opposite side of my dominant fishing side so if your right handed put it on your left side. You can make your own but a lot of kayak retailers carry kits and instructions on installation.
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Rod holders are a problem. Where do I begin? Some people like them some go bare bones and never add one. Even I sit on the fence with these, sometime it’s third hand and at other times a magnet for things to get stuck on especially fly line if you are fly fisherman. The two most popular ones on the market are either Scotty or Ram Mounts. Both offer a lot of different varieties from spinning reels to trolling rod holders. The biggest tip I can offer is to take your kayak out for a couple trips and see where you might want a rod holder. Once you attach one it is there forever. Yak Attack has made a lot of great options in this with mounts that are easily removable so you can go with or without real easy.

Tackle storage is another option you will need to explore. Sure your basic tackle box will work, but remember room and space are a commodity on a kayak. A basic milk crate and some PVC tubes for your rods is a great start. Individual tackle trays and you are on your way to an organized system. Be sure to make some latch points to secure whichever version you go with, small bungee cords will help keep your crate attached to the kayak. A great alternative to this is the Crate Pak by Precision Pak. This fits over a crate with individual storage pockets on the outside and a top to help keep everything inside. It also has a place to put your safety light and four D rings in each corner for securing the whole package to the kayak.

I know this is brief and simple, but there really is no right or wrong way to rig your new kayak. Few simple tips will help:

1) Always drill holes above water line
2) Use bolt and nut whenever possible or T-nut , stainless hardware
3) Dry run before you ever attach any thing

Keep it as simple as you can. That’s one of the best parts of kayaking it’s almost the simplest and easiest forms to getting on fish, stay safe and enjoy it!!!

Some useful links: www.yakattack.us http://www.precision-pak.com/
www.scotty.com http://www.ram-mount.com/

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