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Apalachicola, FL: Kev called today to report that all is better than good. He just completed the section of the Intercoastal that takes him inland, to fresh water, through a long narrow canal and out again to the Gulf. He feels great and is ready to meet the challenge of the Big Bend. Headwinds and twice-daily tides are still plaguing his paddling, but he's covered 170 miles, right on schedual. He's found good camping areas and met some cool people. Several of whom have posted photos and reports on TKAA.org. Using his HRBT knowledge, Kevin caught some small trout in the lights of a local bridge. You can take the yaker out of the HRBT, but you can't take the HRBT out of the yaker.

Here's a link to the topo of the area.

Paddle on!
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