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Here is our 2008, starting in January. All of these shots are in my Weekly Catch reports on my web site Kayak Kevin, Kayak Fishing Chesapeake Bay, Kayak Touring on the ICW, Kayak Fishing Photography

striper in the HRBT light line
Ocean View striper blitz
Shante with a 26" striper in the blitz
First red at the Shoals, April
Lee releasing a 47"er
Ric's 47"er
Lee's 49"er and a 40"er, on Lee's rods
Lee's 49"er
The shoals
Lee's chaotic fight with the 49" red
Double on the shoals. 48 and 44" reds
Out past the ships, into the rain
Seconds later, Lee hears a 'click, click'
That's not a ray!"
Rolling black drum
Two hand grab!
Lee's 45" Black, the first of the day
Mike B has the leader
Got a grip
Mike B's BIG 49" black drum!
Lee with the first red of the run
Kev and Matt with a double on a incredible day
Lee with the 21"er

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This years tour.
On the way across the mouth of the Bay.
On the other side
The third night.
Smith Point Light.
The southern spit of Gwynns Island.
The New Point Comfort Lighthouse
The York River camp.
Paddling with pupping sharks
In the right light, oystertoads look cool.
20"er in a flounder hot spot.
Fishbowl fishing for spades
Lee with a bright one
One of the 20 spades on Friday.
The spadefish were on!
Drum hunting
45"er swiming with the tag.
My first big sheepie of the year, 27" and 13lb 10oz on hand scales
Damien's super amazing kayak cast netting skills.
Lit up triggerfish
A 26"er, one of the 30 sight casted reds landed that day
Damien sighting in.
Hooked up to a little bull dog.
He's ready to go!

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Shante and I with a double.
Zach on some spades.
Damien's surprise, 12lb, 25.5" sheepshead.
Lee in a spade fight
Mike P's 6lb 12oz, 20" Spadefish.
Lee's near citation croaker, aka silver drum, 19", 2lb 14oz
Lee with a big spade, 20" 6lb 10oz
18", 5lb 4oz spadefish.
Close quarter spadefish fights.
small spade
Sailboat in Wiloughby bay
Mike P and a snub tail red
Lee in the fight.
Lee's 45"er
Matt was the 'hot rod' of the day landing 9 from 44 to this HUGE 48"er.
Back into the water
One of Matt's 47"ers.
Zach reaching for the leader
Zach with the 'scoop'.
Zach's 48"er
Damien get'en a 'scoop'
Damien's first big red. A citation earning 46"er
First red of three, 45'er

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Simply awesome Kevin. Congrats to all of you. Thanks for sharing.:clap::clap::clap:

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Kevin my friend, DOES YOUR GIRLFRIEND KNOW you were really fishing that much.

DAMN NICE PICS and I'm glad you are sharing them.

I see a Hatteras trip in the spring on Gaffer Season, wanna ride out....

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Lee paddling out into the swells
Lee coming in
Lee jumping out in the shore break on his second time in.
Lee in the ships
20" speck
21" tog
Back from the 1st
First cast 29.5" red.
Hot rod Lee and his 21"er
Shante's 23"er
A foggy paddle out
My first red of the day, a 30"er.
Lee's 29"er

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48"er on the drift

51" and 49lb
Mike P in the fight
Here she comes.
Ready to grab
Mike P and his 48"er
On the drift
Lee in a leader fight.
45" striper in!
Ric's 45"er
Foggy day at the ships
Shante's big'en
Shante's 44.5" release citation striper

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Most excellent pics! Here's to an even better year in '09 to ALL of you completely whacked-out kayakers :chugbeer:

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good set of pics you Kevin

2 questions.

first, what camera do you guys use? Im thinking that being on a kayak and most likely having been dunked at least once, not to mention it looks like you give it a work out, that if might be worth looking into. I had get a new one this year do to water damage.....thank god for no questions asked warranty.

and second, where'd you guys see the puping sharks, my guess is over on the E.S. somewhere. Looks like it could be interesting on light tackle!


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My wife was looking through the pictures with me, after I called her over. She says she would like us to paddle out with you guys sometime to watch and take pictures. I said "They cross the bay in their kayaks...I don't think so. We'll just see 'em off at the beach." You guys are hardcore for sure, based on your trip map and pictures.
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