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Tuesday was a day to remember. It seemed the fish where biting all day long near Cape Henry. It wasn't a fast bight all day, but we had a lot of big singles most of the day, which makes it a lot of fun. When the bight was on it was hot with many doubles, triples and even with multiples on the same rod with the doubles and triples. We ended up catching 56 big fish up to 41", what a blast. MoJo Tomic Combo caught most of the fish. I think we caught 5 or 6 on Stretches.

Thursday we didn't get out till after 1pm due to the weather, but we still managed 28 big fish. They all came on MoJo Tomic combos and we caught 20 of them in the last hour of sunlight. What a blast. The biggest striper was 40".

Friday we tried the green can area for a 1/2 day in the morning and found our limit of the big fish away from the crowd in a little deeper water where we caught our limit of nice Striper between 33"-37". There was a beehive of Gannets and Gulls which where feeding over a lot of smaller fish. We made two passes near the feeding school and I could see them boiling on the surface in a feeding frenzy. We hooked em all up, but we had to release them all. The fish we caught around the birds ranged from 25" to just under 28". All our fish came on MoJo Tomic combo except two throwbacks we caught on the stretches.

Catch Ya Later,


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