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strolled across the street...details on Keys board...

Life should not be a journey
With the intention of arriving
Safely in a well preserved body,
But rather to skid in sideways,
Cigar in one hand,,
Favorite beverage in the other,
Body thoroughly used up,
Totally worn out,
And screaming
“WOO HOO… What a Ride!”

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All I have to do is start smoking cigars and I'll fit right in there Bob....
Hey Bob, my brother lives in Cocoa beach area...I've caught alot of fish of various species,but he has bought a new boat and he asked me to go down to the keys....
whats the best tarpon and permit rigs\baits do you use in your dailey ventures....crabs, shrimp etc....
I've used the lures , live shrimp etc....just looking to get better.....My friend from La,
uses **** pops...I think he even made his own...which I make 95 percent of my lures anyhow so need a picture or something to go by....if you please.....
my e-mail is [email protected] appreciate any help Capt Bob...!

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My Tarpon Rig

is highly technical....

sufficient rod, in my case a 6-6 1/2 ft star 15-20#
Calcutta 700, 25# test, 4 ft 50# shock leader
a 2 in foam float ( prefer oval)
a 8/0 - 9/0 hook HONED RAZOR SHARP!!!!!!

and a lively pinfish hooked lightly behind the dorsal

if I'm keeping a bunch in a live well or a live bucket I take scissors and just
trim the tips of the dorsal spines off,,, protects my hands to some degree
and doesn't impare the " happy" pinfishes swimming ability

THEN I JUST WAIT...it doesn't take long if they are there, which if you read the post it can be fast action

If I'm fishing the bridges and they are feeding on shrimp I use the above rig AND a 15-20 lb spin outfit with a 6/0 hook HONED RAZOR SHARP
a small split shot and a good size live shrimp hooked thru the head from bottom up thru head

again it doesn't take long....

artificials a good shock leader of flourocarbon and I've hooked them on curly tail grubs, in various colors, sassy shads dipped in crab or shrimp oil, and mirro lures work well also
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