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is your boat on a trailer ?

if so the 21 mile hill , 26 mile hill , Sams hill , 20 fath finger or crotch hold kings the months of june & july . the run is from 21 to 35 miles from the inlet in Wachapreague on the eastern shore .

we caught some nice ones last year with the top fish at just over 22 lbs .

pull a mixed spread of planers / spoons and ceder plugs for baits . pull a size 3 or 4 planer with a 25 ft 130lb mono leader . colors of spoons chart/ silver , gold /silver , red /silver . best colors for plugs blu/wht , red/wht , black/purple and black /lime green .

rods use none smaller than 30's there is a chance you might find a bft or two on the hills in june and in july you will find one there forsure . you will also catch some big bluefish mixed in with the kings .

go get-em on your own rig or charter with someone here .

good luck Kevin
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