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We fished Lake Como first. The water temperature was 42.2 degrees at 6:30 am in the lower half of the lake. It warmed to 44.1 degrees by noon when we left. The sky was partly cloudy, and the wind was 10 mph. The water was heavily stained to muddy from all the recent rains. We managed a few hits and a small fish on crankbaits and spinnerbaits, but only one bass on the Senkos and Gulps.
We saw Ryan Haley, one of our members here, and said hello. He was flipping and pitching and had almost reached the upper 2/3 of the lake when we saw him, and at that time he had nothing. I caught one bass of 3.2 pounds on a Strike Pro USA crankbait in a shad color, and nothing else of any size to speak of. Right after we left Ryan Haley caught one bass of 3.6 pounds in the canal but no real pattern could be established by either of us.

Garrisons Lake was slightly warmer than Lake Como, at 49.3 degrees at noon, and rising to 51 degrees in the shallows. We worked many different baits both soft plastics and hard baits in all the traditional areas that hold bass and zeroed. I admit we only tried for a little over 2 hours there, but we are not inclined to hang around those types of lakes unless the action is a little more consistant. We will go to Red Mill this week after the rains stop, and then to Killens and Trap Pond. After that, we stay strictly with the upper bay rivers and the Potomac.

Tight Lines Steve
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