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Here's some additional information from this website:


They have some good maps of all the lakes in .pdf format also.

I personally prefer Western Branch Reservoir but Prince has some hot bass and striper fishin' too. Lake Prince dumps over a dam into Western Branch Reservoir.

Tight line,

Fishing & Boating
The Burnt Mills Dam will be undergoing major safety upgrades beginning Spring 2006. During construction the lake and boat ramp will closed to the public. For more information please view the Project Bulletin.

As of November 1, 2005, the Lake Smith Fishing Station will be closed pending sale to the City of Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach will reopen the facility when the sale is complete.

2006 Boat permits are now for sale at various locations. Location information can be found below.

City Codes related to fishing & boating have been updated. You can read a summary or view the code here.

Check out the weather before you go fishing
Enter a city or US Zip

Fishing Stations
The gates at all of the City's lakes are open sunrise to sunset. You must be off of city property by sunset.

Boat permits are for sale at various locations. See below for more details.

Rental boats are not available.

Yearly sunrise/sunset times Daily sunrise/sunset times

Fish Found in the Reservoirs

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Directions to Fishing Stations
The facilities listed below have an improved boat ramp, bathroom facilities and ample parking.

Lake Whitehurst - 7625 Shore Drive, Norfolk. One-half mile west of the intersection of Shore Drive and Diamond Springs Road. Map

Lake Smith - 5381 Shell Road, Virginia Beach. Intersection of Shell Road and Northampton Blvd. Map This facility was closed November 1, 2005 pending sale to the City of Virginia Beach.

Western Branch Reservoir - 4601 Girl Scout Road, Suffolk. Where State Route 605 crosses Western Branch Reservoir, on the north side of road. Map

Lake Prince - 3717 Lake Prince Drive, Suffolk. Where State Route 604 crosses Lake Prince, on the south side of the road. Map

The following have primitive boat ramps and limited parking.

Little Creek Reservoir - Virginia Beach. North side of Northampton Blvd, across from the Lake Smith fishing station. Map

Lake Burnt Mills - Isle of Wight County. Off State Route 602, across from Kirk Lumber Company. Map

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Boat Permits
The Annual and Daily Boat Permits are available at the following locations:

Dashiell's Showroom
1436 Holland Road, Suffolk
757-539-7854 map

Owens Self Service Grocery
6124 Everets Road, Suffolk
757-255-4442 map

Oceans East
5785 Northampton Blvd, Virginia Beach
757-464-6544 map

City of Norfolk, Department of Utilities
400 Granby Street, Norfolk
757-664-6701 map

Permits are also available by mail. You can pick up an application at any of the fishing stations or download and print the file. Please allow 10-14 days to process the boat permit by mail. Call 664-6701 for more information.

Rate Schedule: Boat permits are valid January 1 through December 31. There is no provision for pro-rating the cost of the permits.

Norfolk Residents $20.00
Non-Norfolk Residents $40.00
Seniors (62 & over) $10.00
Daily Permit $5.00/day

Boat Permit Application

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Haven't been to Prince in years but last month I stopped in there while traveling on rt 460 .It was deserted except for one bank fisher woman fishing with a cane pole..
I used to spend a some fishing time there with my son and pop in law .Brought back a lot of memories of when the shop there was open and busy..And also the store up on the corner is gone.
Pop's gone on and son is to busy now since he's grown and joined the rat race .

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Owen's still has his other store in Everett which is up by the leg of the Western Branch Reservoir that Burnt Mills dumps into. You can still get bait, good sandwiches and cold beverages there!!

He had issues with the septic system at the store on 460 that made it cheaper to close down than repair.

Lot of good bass and striper fishin' on both Lake Prince and Western Branch but I haven't been there in two years ..... ever since I discovered saltwater fishin'. I still have my smaller boat and have been tempted to head that way again for some winter yellow perch and crappie! Sure wish they were still stocking walleye on WB.

Kids would go with me all the time out at the lakes but they're grown now and the wife wouldn't be caught out there on my "small" boat. Now she's just as eager as I am to hit the bay or ocean for some fishing in the other boat so you can guess where I spend my time now.

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