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You need a sit inside to put your feet in the water (one oneach side) that way you are pretty much untippable. At the first sign of a big fish, clear or cut any other lines in the water asap.

It really does help to have a partner to gaff it, or club it. while fighting it, pay attention to the quickest way to get back to land, unless you have a lot of breakers. If it is smooth, then stick your rod in the holder between your legs and wear him out by padding backward toward land. The rod is quickly grabbable if you need to keep it tight, and hopefully you can avoid having him swim behind you (which he probably will anyway later on)
The trick is to wear him out until he's really done. otherwise, his best chance of getting away is by getting to the kayak green, and you trying to gaff him too early. If you gaff him too soon(or anywhere but the mouth), then he will go absolutely balistic and likely become unhooked. Dont grab the leader too soon, either, for the same reason. You need to count on him coming close, then finding a second, or third burst of energy. They are very smart, and will likely find out your weak spot (behind and underneath the yak)

If you can get into stable, shallow water, and keep him in front of you (easier said), your chances are better. I think you are twice as likely to land one if you have someone with you. to help with the chaos. The quicker you can cut your other lines, set the hook, pop your legs out for stability, the better. hunker down and slug it out, then after a couple runs, if you can start backing your way towards land, or calm water, that way you still put pressure on him, but are getting yourself into position for landing him.

A really heavy duty rope and ring stringer, like for big catfish is ideal for tethering him to your yak till you can get to land.
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