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Wayne, intriguing Castle shot, hopefully you won't have to wait until the cows to come home before more people join in.

James, those qualify nicely. Thanks for jumping into the pond.

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hopefully you won't have to wait until the cows to come home before more people join in.
I'm trying but losing hope.... Think for the time being I'll just drift back into cyber space and watch.

For those that fish for Hickory shad on Deer Creek and the Susky would probably recognize that structure not as a castle but the old flint furnace at Stafford Bridge. Some of the best fly-fishing ever for Hickory shad is maybe 100 yards above and below that furnace.

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love to show you mine but don't know how to post em.see I'm new to the computer and photography bit but have taken several pictures off some awsome wildlife .I'm shooting a canon EOS rebel 35mm with a 200 mm zoom and can't seem to find a larger lens so I can pull animals closer from a distance.I have a awesome shot of a Black Bear and several of deer fawns eating blueberries in my back yard.If someone can help with posting em I'd be more than happy to share 'em with people who enjoy photography.It's hard to find people interested in it.:thumbup:

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Truly some great shots here, as long as they arent rquired to be connected to fishing I will post some when I get home. One of which is the ocean liner Queen Mary at dock just after arriving in NY back in the early 50s, a night time exposure you can actually make out her name on her port side, was taken from one of the 40th or so floors of a building close by..Darn I am happy I found this, as I love photography and since digital came in I love it more.
Happy New Year to everyone and I hope all had a great Christmas

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Jay F.
What can I say other then you have a great eye and amazing technical skills. Just plan awesome photo work….keep them coming…... If you don't mind on some of your photos could you add specifics like camera, lens, mm, aperture, shutter speed, and iso? Do you use a tripod for most of your work or instead hand held?

I also like the pier shot.
When I originally opened the thread as landscape it was intended to include just about anything like sunsets, boats, piers, what ever you want for others to see. Just didn't know how to say it in one word, hence landscape.

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Thats funny,,,I cant see any of Jay's pic's.......Just the red "X".

FrogHair,,,On the pier shot the f/stop was 6.3 at 90 sec. The camera was the Canon Rebel XTI (10MP) with a 50mm1.4 Canon lens on a Manfrotto tripod.

Ill also let you guys in on a little secret,,,If you download this program it will tell you the "EXIF" (Shutter speed, Camera, ISO, f-stop and the date it was taken and a LOT more) information on a picture when you right click on it. As long as the person has not removed it from the file.
Its pretty cool. I have caught guys posting pic's and said that "Here is a fish we caught yesterday" and the program info would tell you that the date it was taken was last year.

Its something you might want to do. Exif viewer : Opanda IExif - Professional EXIF / GPS / IPTC Viewer & Editor in Windows, IE & Firefox

Here is all the info it gave me on your first shot F/H. Pretty cool huh..........

Make = Canon
Model = Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Orientation = top/left
X Resolution = 180
Y Resolution = 180
Resolution Unit = inch
Software = Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Date Time = 2008-12-20 09:12:30
YCbCr Positioning = centered
Exif IFD Pointer = Offset: 228

Exposure Time = 1/100"
F Number = F8
Exif Version = Version 2.2
Date Time Original = 2007-10-31 08:30:45
Date Time Digitized = 2007-10-31 08:30:45
Components Configuration = YCbcr
Shutter Speed Value = 6.66 TV
Aperture Value = 6 AV
Exposure Bias Value = ±0EV
Flash = Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
Focal Length = 36.6mm
User Comment =
Flashpix Version = Version 1.0
Color Space = sRGB
Exif Image Width = 800
Exif Image Height = 600
Focal Plane X Resolution = 11520
Focal Plane Y Resolution = 11571.429
Focal Plane Resolution Unit = inch
File Source = DSC
Custom Rendered = Normal process
Exposure Mode = Manual exposure
White Balance = Manual white balance
Digital Zoom Ratio = 1x
Scene Capture Type = Normal

[Thumbnail Info]
Compression = JPEG Compressed (Thumbnail)
X Resolution = 72
Y Resolution = 72
Resolution Unit = inch
JPEG Interchange Format = Offset: 1006
JPEG Interchange Format Length = Length: 2844

Thumbnail = 128 x 96
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