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Well we went out Friday. Had myself, brother Chadpole and our dad out fishin. Left out of PLO Marina on Mak'n Time and head over to green can 5. Set out the lines and trolled around made it up north of 9 and circled around with a charter boat, saw them pull in 1 fish but was to far away to see how big. He pulled in lines and beat feet north, we thought that he got some intel but it sounds like he might have run a little north to get some cover from the winds but dont know for sure.

We got just south of 7 and Chad pulled in a fat 26" along with one of our other lines, pretty nasty by this time and heading down river we had to pull it out of gear at times to get slower than 4mph SOG. Were not marking much other than a bunch of junk in the water. Ended up down just south of the Candy Cain buoy being pushed by 4 and 5' rollers at this time. It looked like we were in the freakin ocean with the size of the swells coming at the back of the boat. It was so bad when we were watching a pilot house head in from the bay and running towards green 3 that at times we I was almost not able see his boat that was about 2 miles back from going down in the trough of the waves. We made the turn back up the river heading at the VA side and had to 5' swells catch us staight on the beam, the third one started coming and had to take a pretty sharp turn and throttle into it some to get the bow headed towards them at this point. It was kinda fun running with the waves but when you had to turn and saw those swells coming straight to your side there was a huge pucker factor. :eek:

The only time that we really marked any kind of fish or bait was running back up on the MD. side of the channel just outside of Cornfield Harbor area with a good bit of birds sitting in the water, made the turn and headed around the birds but it seemed like the fish had lock jaw or something because we had a pretty diverse spread. My brother can chime in more about what he had out though. After this we started the slow troll back into the marina. It was a hell of an effort for one fish but at least we didn't get skunked. We only saw five other boats out there all day thru 3:30.

Sure would have been nice if we only had 2-3 footers so we could have made the run down river to fish out around 72A to the target ships, sounds like there had been some good action out there earlier in the week. Oh well maybe next time.:bigfish:
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