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The last 3 trips I took to high rise eeling at night were slow with only one dog fish to show for our efforts, but we busted it wide open last Friday. Took PA Petey and my Dad to the Green can and started trolling at sun up. Took a few minutes to get the spread right first time trollling this year. The final Talley was 20 fish nothing huge but all between 28 and 36 inches mostly fat healthy fish just kept 4 to be rolled in House Autry seafood batter and dipped in hot peanut oil. The hot baits were a new Swedes lure White daisy chain about 220 feet back and a green umbrella rig about 135 feet back. We utilized my out riggers for the first time and that helped keep 7 lines spread nicely with very few tangles all day. Good crew great day and the SKUNK is gone.

PA Petey and myself will be leaving Sunset in my boat tomorrow,Monday around 5:30am we have room for one more. Jon 757-897-8738
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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