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Joined a couple of friends Capt. Lou Grazioso on his Stripermania on 5/17 .. Man -- what a day!!! Mate netted our bunker and we were off to the fishing grounds. Hooked into fish immediately. My first fish was about 32lbs. 2nd fish was 28, then a 20, then a 24. Not bad for my first 4 fish of the day.

All in all, I had about 10 stripers all 18 to 32 lbs. My buddies had pretty much the same results.

The was the morning trip. How do you top that? The PM trip, we took my Parker out for a clamming trip. After 2 stops of ZERO fish, we decided to join a fleet off in a distance. It didn't take long, 5 boaters and about 135 stripers later ... our arms were tired. Fish up to 33inches were taken. No monsters like in the AM.

5/19, we headed out on Stripermania again with Capt. Lou. Fresh bunker was the ticket again as our first drift landed us 4 fish all in the 20 lb range. Action quickly died and we just picked the rest of the day.

Great 2 days of fishig on the Raritan bay!!!
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