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Things are finally settling down to the point where I can post pics from my honeymoon fishing trip. A while back I had asked for suggestions for charter trips in St. John fro you all. After some good suggestions (thanks guys) I booked a trip with Capt Bill Limpart. We were left Cruz Bay port at 2 pm and headed out to the drop. We started trolling between St John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. Within 15 minutes of getting the spread out the downrigger starts peeling drag. My wife gets this one and begins working this fish in.
I was videotaping her and the other one started screaming. She boats her fish, a nice 35# wahoo, while I keep working on mine.
This one was a little nicer fish, and it was tough to gain anything on this hog. After ~ 15 minutes of fighting I feel what feels like headshakes and then the drag goes screaming again. Then is went limp like he got off so I keep reeling just in case he is heading at the boat. I notice something skipping across the top of the wake and its 1/2 a fish. Apparently the headshakes I felt were those of a shark who decided to chew my wahoo in half.
We trolled for a few hours longer with little action. About an hour or two before sundown we started looking for working birds for some light action tuna. We found a nice school that we worked for the remainder of the evening (till dark).
We hammered black fin tuna, bonita, King Mackeral, a 5 ft dusky shark, and a few barracuda. The action was so hot we could hardly take any pictures and most of them were of the captain.
I guess that is the best problem you can have on a fishing trip is so many fish you can't take pictuers till your done.
A huge thanks to Captain Bill and Bite Me Charters.
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