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late report - Memorial Day Weekend in Lewes.

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Fished the incoming at Roosevelt Inlet Sat/Sun surprising enough not a single Gray Trout, did manage two 18" flounder back to back in same drift. (truely surprised) plenty of small flounder, small blues, and what I think was some kinda shad. (which was caught on teaser with a live minnow) Great weekend up there, but not the same trout action as last year.

Also ventured to IRI late Saturday night to have a look, and they were catching blues on the incoming.
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Fished the Rsvt inlt 2x last week, only 3 keeper flounder just over 18. Fished the back bay behind indian river inlet 4x in the past 2 weeks and hooked up with a couple of nice flounder, absolutely no trout around. Lots of snapper blues around the inlet and the beach. Fished the jetty down the inlet a couple of times and had one good day with a couple rockfish. Ocean temp. still at aprox. 53 degrees and 60 in the back bays. tog fishing is starting to pick up if you like playing in the rocks. in general fishing is basically slow just like its been the past couple springs. best fishing i've done this year is in the cheasepeake.
I was there memorial day weekend also in a 22 ft blue cc. Fished out of roosevelt inlet on my own on Saturday through Monday. Caught plenty of dink stripers in the inlet and a little better grade fish (24-28) inches by the outter wall. I caught a few small spike trout near roosevelt but have no idea where the large trout are. I eventually figured out a pattern where the spike trout (12-14inches) were hiding. In roosevelt about 200 feet east of the last pole marking the underwater jetty. It's been slow trout fishing there for me for three years now but 2001 was outstanding.

Fished IRI on Tuesday after the holiday crowd was gone and the fishing was fantastic. Caught all the 1-3 pound blues under birds you could want in the morning on a 7wt fly rod with an intermediate line. Later jigged up some stripers and larger blues in the same area, ocean side. Drifted an eel inside the inlet and caught a 35" blue. Also jigged the incoming in the middle of the inlet and caught a decent blue or striper to 28 inches on ever single drift. Lots of action but again, NO TROUT!!

I'm going to try again this weekend. Not sure if I'm going to use the kayak near henlopen or drag the boat down. I caught plenty of blues and decent stripers in the shallow water near Cape Henlopen also a few weeks ago. Nothing over 26 inches but steady action on decent fish.
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thanks the report. Hopefully I 'm going to bust the kayak out in the next week or two. drop me a bmail if your headed out!

triton the word on the streets is you set the national bench press record for your age/weight category. bill briton said you popped 605 lbs with a blast shirt good job. last time i saw you, there were two topless girls in your boat. nice view
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