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Remember this is for the most part what we've heard not what we know. The winter is off to a weird start with no Spot schooling in October. The 1st time I've seen it since the 1990's. Some good news is bigger Speckled Trout and finally a few Puppy Drum (Rudee & Lynnhaven-The Wall) are starting to bite because of the minor cold fronts that have come through. It should get better with this weekend's drop in temps. Schoolie Stripers are available around all the bridges inland. If you can get through the Taylor Bluefish which are everywhere. Thanksgiving is the recognized opening of Eeling season on the E. Shore and we'll have plenty of Eels. Togs are the consistent catch at the CBBT. We've been able to get live Green Crabs pretty consistently but right now I'm almost out. Will be calling today to see if a new shipment is coming in this week. We've got plenty of frozen Fiddler Crabs and I know that frozen crabs are not popular with some folks but hears the reason I think that Fiddlers differ from other crabs. A frozen Blue Crab must be cut into pieces to be used. The meat because too soft to stay in the shell when it's frozen hence bad experiences fishing with them. Frozen Fiddlers are used whole, just put on a hook. Their meat is wrapped in it's own case, the shell. So it can't fall apart and put in the water thaws out and stays cold so therefore fresh. WHEN USING FROZEN FIDDLERS THEY MUST BE KEPT COLD OR FROZEN! If they get to room temperature they are USELESS. Anyway that's the latest, tight lines.

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