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The Layout Boat and Decoys I listed on this message board have been photographed and I can now send pictures to anyone interested.

The Layout Boat with spray shield is in perfect condition and ready to go - I am refurbishing the goose decoys I made and 20 or so are ready to go. The other forty will be ready in a month or so for pickup. Once again, these decoys are from my own personal rig that I used when body booting on the Susq. Flats. The geese are over sized (i.e. 24x12x10) with a wooden bottom board, handcarved head, and tail insert. When refurbished they will be ready to go. The pictures will indicate how big they are and how neatly they stack in an open boat. There is NEVER any need to wrap decoys - simply stack in the boat with anchor lines loose to the floor AND they will not SINK. Sixty decoys will go out in 10 minutes and pick up (without wrapping) in 15 minutes if you have someone who can run a boat.

The price for the PAUL BUSICK layout boat is $1000 and $900 for all of the decoys (or $15 each) The decoy price is $18 ea. if less than 30 purchased at one time. Whoever purchases this rig will get a solid deal at a fair price. These prices are firm and I would appreciate serious inquires only. Prices do NOT include lines or weights.

I am also planning to sell about 30 oversized DUCK DECOYS as well - I have about 50 and just don't need that many anymore. The ducks are made the same way and really complement the goose rig. This many decoys will shoot 3-4 hunters if body booting very easily - I would estimate that well over 2500 birds have been taken over this rig over the last 10 years or so.

I sell new ducks for $40 each -new Geese for $45 and new Swan for $90 - I will sell the used ducks from my rig for $20 ea. They consist of Mallards, Blackducks, and Baldpates. These too will be refurbished and painted before they go out the door.- first to come with CASH will be first served.


chuck housman ([email protected])

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The boat is ENTIRELY fiberglass with floatation. More information can be had if you search "layout boats" on the web - seek out Paul Busick's web site for complete information etc.

Sendme you email address and i'll be happy to forward pictures

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