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Leonardtown Lockdown
Looney days at Leonardtown High..
Latest Report: two people have been led away from school in handcuffs, likely the culprits who made the false report....St. Mary's Sheriff David Zylak told ST. MARY'S TODAY that he is holding a press conference at the middle school next to LHS at 11:15 and when he was asked to confirm that no students have been injured, refused to do so...all he had to do was to say no in order to put worried parents at ease immediately but everyone can take a deep breath and wait another 15 minutes while Zylak saddles up his horse and saunters over to the press conference....
.a report by two students to police that they saw other students loading guns into a duffle bag, such as took place at Columbine High School's mass killing in Colorado, has set Leonardtown High School into a lockdown with police setting up a task force command across the street at the county fairgrounds....the school is in it's second day of final exams which could have been the motive for a false report or a real report of a gun incident....the school, located on Rt. 5 south of Leonardtown is a sprawling campus next to two other school buildings, the county's tech center and the Leonardtown Middle School. Parents are also going to the county fairgrounds to the police command post. The St. Mary's Sheriff's Dept. refuses to release any information as of 10:18 am. A spokesman simply said that all students are fine and the school is locked down, no one has been injured but no details are being released to the media....anyone with info can send it on
Ambulance is being called to the school for a report of someone with seizures, which is apparently unrelated to the initial guns in the school report....look for police to start sorting through the school, emptying out room by room, the students and the staff....
It used to be false fire alarms, then false bomb threats, now it may be false gun reports to block final exams....
St. Mary's School Board President Sal Raspa told ST. MARY'S TODAY that if this turns out to be a false report that the board has already set into motion procedures for such a false report to be sent to the States Attorney's Office for prosecution. "This is crazy," said Raspa. "The police are all over the place, the deputies are even there from Calvert County and all of our students are secure while the police are working their way through the school."
A Sheriff's Dept. awards ceremony was scheduled to take place at the same time and has been canceled while officers swarm to the high school.
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