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Lesner 7/8-9 report

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Fished the Duck Inn side of the Lesner Bridge (Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA) tonight/this morning for a few hours w/Darrel AKA Parko03. Kind of slow, I only had three bites/hook ups. Landed one keeper flounder on a 4" Pearl Storm plastic, lost another flattie on a white grub, and then right before we left I lost one that felt like a small trout ?! Nothing doing on bait except for Parko's first throw in of cut croaker that he had a nice run on after that NADA !

Couple other Lesner regulars caught some small flats and schoolie rock, moreover the Lesner snag monster kept working all of us over [tongue]

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Hey you all did better of the shore then 3 of us did out of my boat at Hampton bar. Small croakers all daylong and 5 short fatties and each of us one oyster doad.Believe mine was citatiation.[grin]Biggest one I seen in years.
Thanks for the report bucket. How is the parking situation on that side?
Heres my report form the other side of lynnhaven inlet....

Fished the outgoing at lesner brought all light tackle with me to try for some of the streppid spotted and flat ones. first lure that i threw on was a "salt-n-pepa" callcutta 3 inch shad.. threw that for a little while and pulled in a nice 18 1/2 schoolie chucked him back in so he coudl tell his friends that i was there fishing and to come see me. Decided that i wanted to try soemthing else so i threw a green bucktail on with a white grub and was throing into teh channel and letting it drift into the lights and then working it out and pulled a nice 23 incher. Felt a little bigger battling the current but still was a nice fish...threw that some more then decided to change lures..thats when a couple girls showed up and decided to throw crab lines out where i wanted to fish no worries tho they made the scneery at lesner pretty decent and jumped a couple times when i told them that there were great whites swimming around in the shallows. so after the flirting i threw on a gotcha..red head white body. caught a nice little flatty at 16 let him go to tell his friends. well apparently he told his other friends because after i switched to my yozuri crystal minnow his buddies came out..the spotted ones pulled in 2 nice pups one at 22 and the other at 25 all in all i was a beautiful night highlighted by some beautiful fish and a couple beautiful girls...cant beat that.
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Parking/public access scene @ Duck Inn (where I got married in`95 on the beach) is questionable at best [sad] I had not fished DI in 4-5 months, now it's capped off at the end of the street w/a barrier to prevent parking on the old property and is accompanied by a private property sign. I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs, but it's just a matter of time. There is limited legal street parking, but no public access there.

After sizing it up, Parko03 and I cruised down to the closest legal public access and street parking which puts you a 1/4 mile walk from the bridge.

FYI, this current/future public access issue along with Willoughby Spit Jetty Beach issue in Norfolk is on the agenda of the newly formed non-profit Virginia Coastal Access Now (VCAN). So I'm workin' on it [grin]

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