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June 6, 2006

Katherine Hanley

Secretary of the Commonwealth
Appointments Division
Post Office Box 2454
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454

Governor Tim Kaine, (c/o Ms Hanley Secty of the Commonwealth)

First: Congratulations on the selection of Col Steve Bowman to serve as Chairman of the Virginia Marine Resource Commission. He will do a fine job.

Secondly: I support the Administration efforts to cap the industrial harvest of Menhaden inside the Chesapeake Bay. A little jaw-boning by the Administration could probably get Omega Protein to move a larger percentage of their fish harvests outside the Chesapeake and into the Atlantic Ocean , where scientists report there are more plentiful supplies of Menhaden.

Thirdly: There are two openings on the Virginia Marine Resources Commission this summer; Governor Warner has done an excellent job of balancing the composition of the VMRC Board by appointing scientists, recreationals, and intelligent , resource minded , individuals over the last 4 years Governor Kaine can continue in the same direction by considering the re-appointment of Russell Garrison(of the Northern Neck) and Dr. Bob Orth(VIMS scientist) to the open seat .


Robert B Allen
Recreational user of Chesapeake Bay
1038 Port Harbour Arch
Hampton,Va 23664-1554

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