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So here is the scoop. Like Bob Allen said on menhaden. Either attend the meeting and speak your mind or write a letter ooooorrrrrr don't complain about what happens.

Thrusday July 14, 7 PM
Lake Write Quality Suites
6280 Northhampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA

Monday July 18 at 7 PM
RAppahannock Community College
Glenns Campus

Wenesday July 20 at 7 PM
Rappahannock Community College Workforce Center
Warsaw Campus

Monday July 25 at 7 PM
Eastern Shore Community College,
Melfa, VA

July 26th at 12 noon
Virginia Marine Resources Commission
4th Floor
2600 Washington Ave
Newport News, VA

The maximum recreational fees on the table are

$12.50 for an individual fishing license
$10.00 for a 10 day fishing license
$38.00 for a boat license
$190.00 for a charter license 6 or less
$190.00 plus $5 per person more than 6
$12.50 per boat with a $635 maximum, rental boat
$571.00 commercial pier

$36.00 **** Pot
$13.00 Crab Trotline
$12.50 Gill net

There are 2 1/2 pages of commercial fees I really do not feel like typing them all in. Lots of them are 150% increases. The commercial card maximum is $190.00. Additionally there is about 25 new commercial permit fees that are mostly $25.00 with a few that go $100.00.

If I see or get an electronic copy I will post all of the numbers.

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