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We didnt exactly wear them out but we didnt get skunked.The bite was slow today out of hateras.We started around the smell wreck and then we went past the 380 rocks.Back to diamond shoals weather buoy.Then to about 10 miles from the beach.We caught the king in about 20 minutes.Two hours later the bigger dolphin.Then about 3 hours later the smaller dolphin.We ddid see the biggest grass mats I have ever seen with lots of marks deep and no bites.Heard the charters managed a limit off the same mats by dropping bailer baits deep under the mats.HHHHHHMMMMMMMM.never tried for them bailers deep before.I had fun and my son was bored most of the day.Patience is something he has deer hunting but not fishing.He likes catching..We had pretty water all day and no life except a few schools of baby flying fish.We will get enm next time..
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