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-Fill a large pot about half way with 3-4 cans of beer, water, and hand fulls of OldBay and bring to a boil
-Add wings and boil for about 20 min or until they float, when they float they are done.
-In a bowl add your favorite BBQ sauce with a hand full of OldBay mixed in(I like BBQ sauce that has a good smokey flavor)
-Roll the wings in the bowl of BBQ suace to coat
-Place on a hot, high temp grill, turn as the BBQ sauce carmilizes(sp?)and brush more BBQ suace on(since the wings are already cooked the idea is to only place them on the grill long enough to make the BBQ sauce carmilized or crispy)
-Becarefull removing from grill as the meat will be falling off the bone
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