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Bucket, myself and Wild Bill from FLA hit the LIP early this morning to try for a little action. Arrived at 5:30am and we were the first ones on the pier. Winds was out of the NE at 8-12 and the water was pretty clear.

While Bucket started setting up for Pin rigging, Bil and myself started plugging with Gotcha's for Blues. Right off the bat we started to hit them, so we broke out the Live Bait Bucket and started to put them in then toss the bucket over the side. When we went to put a few fish inside the next time we noticed a slight problem! The holes were like the wall of an aging Alcatraz and the Blues being as small as they were, wiggled out. Thank goodness for Tony (who arrived later) who had a better live well than us!

Small Blues were so thick at times that they sawed Bucket's anchor line in half twice as they were hitting bait on top of the water. The blues stopped after about an hour or so, then it went pretty quiet.

I walked to the front of the pier and noticed some fish in the wash, so Bill decided to toss on the imfamous "White Grub" tipped with BWFB. Right of the bat, he lands a small flounder and proceeds to see dozens of small flounder nailing the grub, but not hooking up. I could't stand it any longer, so I went and got the "White Grub" myself and started to fish the wash. I manged to pick up two small flatties, before I switched over to spot fishing.

A few people set up down from us while we were playing with the flounder and started to pound the spot in the wash as well, and some nice medium ones at that. So for the next 45 minutes we started to get some spot in the live well, for later in the day.

After the spot run ended, it was pretty s l o w the rest of the afternoon. One small minor run on my 525 mag, and Tony had blue eat a blue on his pin rig, but that's it. As we were leaving a small run of blues came through fast, but that was it.

No Rays, No Skates, No Sharks, No Spanish, No big fish spotted at all! Well, I enjoyed the day out and now I am looking forward to a nice little B-Day dinner with an Ice Cold Brew with the family and a few friends!

One Tip: All the spot and small flounder were up close (from the entrance to the second set of benches) and out just 20 feet or so! Don't think ya got to go all the way down the pier to catch some fish!!!!!


Now go feesh and let us know how ya did!

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Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

I keep hearing about pin rigging, but can't find any good pictures on what it actually looks like so I can buy it. Does it go out on the heaver?

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"pin riggin" comes from fact that a clothes pin was originally used to attach the anchor line and fighting line together ~ for king mackeral fishing from piers. Instead of pics just come out with us some time and see how it is done first hand [wink]

I used a wooden clothes pin today in fact, kind of old school, as most folks now use this wire weight thing which I have a few of.

Should ya want to know more before hitting the end of the pier just google it [grin]

Mark "I need a new live well" `bucket
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