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Arrived to S/SW winds and water that was fairly clear. Bucket and a Bucket co-worker in tow to sling gotchas for some blues, and I brought a heaver just for some giggles. Small taylors were there, but you had to work for them, and work around all the bottom rigs in the alley on the end.

Kinda "touristy" if ya know what I mean.

Roundhead bite was "HOT" when we arrived (mostly on squid) and some decent sized ones at that. Been waiting on that all summer.[excited] The main roundhead bite lasted about 30 minutes or so after we arrived then slacked off to a slower and smaller sized fish.

Bucket got a small blue and I wacked the tail off and put him on the Owner 9/0 J hook and sent him on his way on the 1502/525 Mag. Shortly after, clicker goes off and the fight is on. Figured it was a biter, but it turned out to be a decent sized southern ray (first one for me this year)[sad]. Watch out if those southerns start hanging around.

Plenty of fish being caught in the small range again, with croaker, spot and roundhead in the mix, and the ever present skate and small ray mixed in.

Catch of the night went to Bucket! A local had his kid with a double bottom squid set high on the rail with the drag tight. Can you say "ROD OVERBOARD"!!!! The rod shot off the pier and began crusing on top of the water. We all took shots with our gotchas to try and snag it, but missed. The all mighty Bucket took one more try and nailed it right on the eye of the rod and manged to get it back in. we got it up to the top and handed it back to the angler. He started reeling in and low and behold a little 3 foot sandbar shark on the other end![smile][grin][smile]

Nice happy ending for a guy who thought he just lost his rod and reel! Again Nice "Money Shot" by Bucket to snag it!!!! [tongue][tongue]

Packed up and headed out when the bite slowed.................

Hope to see some of you out on the sand this weekend wetting a line!!!![wink]

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Yeah that was the catch of the night for me wasn't it [grin] Caught said combo by both sheer luck and some minor practice throwing a gotcha plug.

Will and I had fun catchin' some small blues pluggin' and then more fun tippin the gotchas w/Fishbites for the small bottom stuff, lazy man bottom fishin' according to Will the Thrill [tongue]

Next time we land that ray, but requires knocking touristas out of the way ~ they just never get it [sad]

Regardless a fun run for all and yeah beach'in it sounds good for the weekend [wink]


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Nice report fellas. Dix, how long does it take for you to get to the LIP? I probably have only fished there a couple of times because it seems to take me about 40 minutes to get there.
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