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Hello y'all,

We're fishing Friday morning until next Sunday for the stripers that are on the move South; we're in the OC Marlin Club tournament (5th-13th) and looking for anyone that wants in on the action.

$100/person 1/2 day, $200/person whole day.

Entire boat, up to six, formal charter is $500/ 1/2 day, $850/whole day for stripers only. Winning fish, boat takes 40% because we covered all entrance fees.

(Plus Mate's tip).

Tunas are moving too as well as fat blue fish and sea bass on the wrecks. Later next week looks good for an offshore deep drop for tile or trolling if we find an eddy. If you want offshore call me. It's tough but worth it this time of year.

Please don't PM. I'm house hunting and staying at MR Ducks and with this weather the Internet is spotty at best. Call or email [email protected].

Charter the Lisa.com

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