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Little Seneca Lake - 7/12 (evening opportunity)

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4 times this summer Little Seneca lake is letting boats stay on the water until midnight, instead of kicking them off a half hour before sunset like they do for the rest of the year. I always hate getting kicked off the water on public waterways right as my topwater evening bit is really heating up.

I'm thinking of hitting Little Seneca after work. I wont be staying on the water until midnight, but I do plan to throw a buzzbait until is is officially DARK. As usual, I'd love the company. In fact, I probably will go only if someone else wants to meet up.

Here is the notice from the park:

I have a 360 degree LED light which I presume is sufficient for the kayak.

Last minute notice, but anyone wanna bite?

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Maybe you'll catch a Musky.I wonder if there's any grassbeds on the lake to fish?
I have never fished one of those advertised evenings but I rarely get off that lake before dark and have never had any problems.

If you have never fished it, I highly recommend checking it out. Probably one of my favorite local impooundments. Lots of structure - a significant protion of the trees are still standing in coves where the water took over the forest.

bmail me if you go. I can tell you where I like. I usually park at the pull off on the bridge side that has the train tunnel near it (south side?).

Also check out the park headquaters. For $5 you can get a map of the lake with an aerial photo overlaid - sweet map.

"I wonder if there are any grass beds"

That's the problem with that lake, there's way too much hydrilla. The invasive submerged aquaitc vegetation. It can be 4 feet think in places and makes using a jig in water less than 20 feet impossible.

I might be interested in doing that night thing. I've done it a few times before and the fishing for bass after dark is awesome. Buzz baits are the way to go and any other sufrace bait. Even in 50 feet of water these fish will come up to hit a bait.

By the way, I've fished in on a non night fishing day and it doesn't take long for ranger danger to give you a $50 parking ticket. I'm fighting one right now because he circled 2pm in stead of 2am on the ticket. Probably not worth my time but we'll see what happens.

Most of the musky guys troll large deep diving stick baits from jon boats rigged with two or three trolling motors. But I hear they do very well. I had a friend with me one day that only fished tiny rooster tails (1/16oz) on an ultra light rod. He hooked three muskies that day and we landed one of them. Said he does well with that technique.

Well I just got back from Canada and we didn't use anything under 8 inches for their musky. Go figure??
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man that sucks. i have never been ticketed there. i have had my licnse checked but that is about it.

the annoying part about that place is that they did away with the deposit box at the bridge for daypasses. Or atleast it was not there last time I went, but I have not been ther ethis year.

[Q]Salmo trutta originally wrote:

Well I just got back from Canada and we didn't use anything under 8 inches for their musky. Go figure??
[/Q] Tell us about the Canada Trip.I've been there 5 times and love the fly in private lake trips.I've got to get up there again.I've never fished for Musky up there but caught a 20 +Northern and had a follow by a 30#+ northern from a lake that had a 37 lb.record.Northerns,Musky & Walleyes are my favorite fresh water fish.
Check the "Canada trip" on the fly board. I wish I had my yak because those float tubes are just dangerous, especially with one flipper.

So the night fishing thing is tonight and I can't make it. But the next night fishing days are Wed. August 9th and Wed. September 6th. I'll plan right now for the August trip but the hydrilla will be a serious issue in the shallows.

I prefer to fish that lake in early spring before the grass comes in (if the Potomac is too high) and late fall. I've done very well on large mouth as late as Thanksgiving and didn't see another soul the entire time.
How'd ya do Josh?

Finally got my fishfinder/transducer installed last night will try it out next week in OC.
Ended up not going because of weather. Think I'll try it on a saturday when nothing's happening around here (in terms of group trips) to see what it's like. Not to be a spoiled brat, but them weeds can be a pain with the mirage drive... I'd hate to have to paddle very much.

Though the drive can power right through lilly pads (breaks them, but they don't get tangled up like some of the thicker grasses).

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