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Live minnows at Marty's

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Stopped in at Marty's today for the last day of the 20% off sale.Got some new parachutes - these have paint on the heads :D.

Heard a pump running and asked Jim what was in the tank.He has live minnows :yes: - which are a great wintertime bait.Yellow Perch,Crappie,Pickerel,Bass and Catfish will all eat a live minnow.

Once the ice breaks up - live minnows are often the best bait to try.Warren's baitshop where I buy minnows is closed for winter.Good to have another supply close by.

Minnows will stay alive for a few weeks in an old cooler with a bubbler.Makes it easy to do a quick 2-3 hour trip on a nice day.
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Jim; do you carry shiners as well? 5th (Marty)
blue lou; how do they hold up in COLD water? 5th
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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