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Headed out of Solomons with Buddabud at about 1:00. Worked hard to pick up 20 or so spot in just over an hour. They were holding just in front of DNR at about 16' of water. No thick, but still there. :thumbup:

By the time we had the livewell suffiicently stocked, the wind really picked up. We meandered over to the three-legged marker at the mouth of the PAX and LL'ed for a minutes. One small bluefish and three bite-offs later, we decided it was time to change plans. I was itching to troll, so we dropped some of my fall lures in and as we were working to set up a bigger spread, I realized it was too choppy, too windy, and too early in the fall to warrant the effort. We then decided to head up the PAX to check out the pilings of the Thomas Johnson Bridge.

We worked one piling at about 60' of water and marked what seemed to be blues. We had a few biteoffs, but had a good feeling that we'd find some rockfish. Well, we eventually landed a 27 incher and a 24 incher on live spot. :rockon: They were fat, healthy, and faught really hard. It was great to get some good rockfish pullage after weeks of bluefish blitzes.
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