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We were waiting for are freind to come so we were getting are stuff ready when we saw Dnr going out, We went to the piont and caught a boat load of spot when we were almost done dnr was killing boats. so we left and stoped on fish. I put my line in the water and i swear 2 secs later the fish was nervous and i set the hook.. It was a 22 inch fish. then my friend brought in a 20. Me and my friend had 8 fish when the adults finally put there hooks in the water. Dnr came too us nothing happened though. We caught to fish while he was sitting there:eek:.. Doug had a 26 inch fish. We were using bait rods becuase we had so many fish. We had ten people on board.We caught about 45 fish!!!!! I caught about 20 to 25, REALLY,Good bye:cool2:

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