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Has TidalFish been loading slow for anyone else or is it just my system?
It has been running much faster lately.

You may already use this scan but if not give it a try. You may have some 'monsters' on your computer slowing you down.

It is FREE.

Malwarebytes : http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Download the free version. (Double click the free version, top left, blue box) Once downlaoded, update it and run a full scan.


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Hi Ken

By all accounts from users across the region the site speed has been faster since a week ago when we did some work with our servers. The high speeds have held up, thank goodness, even during peak times over the last week. We're working on a few other things that will hopefully even speed it up more, but by all accounts things are rolling now for most everyone.

Speed of any site can have a host variables that effect it, one of which is computer issues as you mention. Someone suggested doing a scan which I would suggest. Also, what browser you use can effect all your surfing on all sites. I use Firefox because it's pretty darn fast, a lot faster then Internet Explorer with out question. Also Chome is a super fast browser.

Hope you identify the problem, nothing worse then a slow surfing experience. Also, you might want to check into the Computer Forum on Tidal Fish. Some geeks who fish hang out there and might also be able to make some suggestions based on the symptoms you give.:computer:

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