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Even though it's been HOT with lots of RAIN fishing the Susq. River below the dam, the Flats, and Upper Bay rivers are providing some pretty good fishing!

They say "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" - the same applies to when mother nature gives us hot weather and lots of rain use it to your advantage. Crabbing, at least in the upper bay, is slow to say the least. There is a general consensus that given a couple of weeks things should improve given GOOD catch down the bay. While waiting, target flatheads and other catfish in the Susq. river, Bush river, the Gunpowder and out by Poole's Island. Rockfish are also showing up finally at Poole's for chumers, chunkers, and BOTTOM BOUNCERS using small bucktails and LIVE EELS.

Structure fisherman casting bucktails, surface plugs, and the like are beginning to do well in the upper bay rivers with practically NO other fishermen around to compete with them.

When water is running below Conowingo like it has been, it makes it tough for bank fishermen to fish but provides great opportunity for small boat fishermen to fish for smallmouth and rockfish. Many reports have come in about the quantity of river smallmouths and even walleyes this season.

Harford Crabbing and Tackle located at 3404 Conowingo Road next door to Autumn Sky Outfitters has all the bait, bucktails, top water plugs, and terminal tackle you'll need to have fun locally. Fresh and frozen bait includes:

Live eels, chum, minnows, night crawlers, chicken livers, bait shrimp, peelers, fowl necks, squid, bunker/lys, and more. RAZOR CLAMS have been available for several weeks now and according to customers are working well - BUT....only where the crabs are! Folks crabbing down the bay especially on the eastern shore side have been doing well and that is supported by the DNR Fishing reports.:yes: Razor clams must be ordered ahead of time by calling 410-457-0500 - Ask for Kim. While you are there check out all of their crabbing and fishing supplies - good stuff at good prices.

Good luck when you go!
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