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Fished Loch Raven from 6:30am until 5:30pm today, along with two friends. The morning started off really slow with only one nice bite on a plastic worm. Fished pretty much the length of both shores above the Dulaney Valley Bridge. Tried a bunch of different soft plastics (tubs, worms, jerk baits), crankbaits, spinners, and even buzz bates. Only fish landed were a 14" pickerel, a 12" large mouth, and a beautiful 20" 5.0lb large mouth (all by the same guy too!). They were caught on tubes or a sub surface lure, all in the afternoon.

Water was pretty cold still (no thermometer) and very stained. Visibility was less than a foot I'd say. Should be interesting once the water is a bit warmer, especially if there is a long enough dry spell to allow the stuff currently suspended in the water to settle without adding more.
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