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Eilybird called me Wed and said lets go fishing Fri. I of course said ok. Report cards came out Thurs and his son did well so we let his 10 yr old and my 9 yr old skip school and go fishing with their fathers. Lines in the water at 7-30. First fish came on with in the first hour. We decided to let the 10 yr old reel it in. It was a good fish and you could see the head shakes through the rod tip. He got tired cranking and so we handed it to my son who also got tired. Before an adult could finish up, the fish threw the hook and came off. Bummer. It was neat watching the kids steady crank even though the fish would, more often than no,t be taking line out. My son had the tip too low and gave a little slack once too often.

Next fish hit with in the next 15 mins. We decided to let an adult get this one! Eilybird brought in a nice 35" fat boy. Good fighting fish. I need a bigger net and after missing once with the net i hopped out on the outboard bracket and grabbed the gills. Had another knock down a little later but missed because the clicker was not set and it was a roof rod. I let Eilybird drive for a while and i was relaxing in a chair when i noticed a fishing line running across the back of the boat. I thought, thats odd?! Doh! And by the time a grabbed the rod above my head (he/she) was gone.

I titled the thread lonely because no one was out. We saw one or two other fisherman who all complained of the rough water and were soon gone. The wind and waves did kick up and i was only able to cruise home at 30mph in 3 footers. My son was trying to sleep down below and i did not want to bounce him out of bed.

First fish that got off hit a char special!!!

Second one (caught) one of my homemade char umbrellas.

Knock down was on a tandem.

Not able to get down this weekend. Good luck.
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