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I figure I should try and redeem myself after posting about my crabpot screw-up last night. Tonight was exciting for more pleasant reasons. After spending some time with the little boat, put in a higher capacity bilge pump, rigged up an engine brace, bought a boat hook, and threw in more knives than a Japanese steakhouse, I launched at Mattapeake about 4:30PM. I put-putted up to the bridge to find no current whatsoever, so I moved on up to where I found fish last night. Nothing but shorts but there was some big perch around. I managed to jig up one that measured over 11 inches. Steve paddled over in his kayak to say hello. He showed me one fish over 30 inches and said he'd caught a couple more that size when the current was running. That was encouraging. After about an hour of slack, we finally got some outflow about 90 minutes before dark. I switched from a metal jig to a 6" pearl Mann's Hardnose tail-dipped in orange-garlic dye on a 3/4 ounce jig head. The fish turned on with the current. Pretty good ones too. I had two fatties over 35 inches with 4 or 5 more high 20s footballs. First time I've had my tape measure out at the bridge this year. I'll take that bite anywhere. My big fish came off after a good fight. I saw him and I think he would've beat 40. Me and Crockett laid down in the boat and cried when he got away. The first pic will tell you why I like fishing out of the jon boat. There are some places you can't get to otherwise. It's supposed to rain tomorrow but if it's not windy you know where I'll be!

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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