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*I originally posted this in another area-Meant to post here.
We were doing some catch & release on Sunday Jan. 19 in the Chesapeake Bay just west of Fort Story near the cargo ship "KAYO ALKYON" when we had three knockdowns at once and only two of us on the boat.
I got one nice striper ( about 38") to the boat on a brand new Chartreuse Magnum + Stretch 30 with the new red hooks. The line broke when he did a death roll and he swam off with the stretch hooked in his mouth!
I had written the name "ROB" on the underside in permanent marker.
I agree that it's not the best idea to C&R with trebles- it's just what we had rigged at the time.
Not necessarily looking to get the lure back, but would like to hear if anyone catches this fish. Will make a great story for my website.
*If you were out there then, you will remember the VB Fire Boat escorting a sinking
Thanks and good luck fishing!
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