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Well the 2014 fall season was gangbuster's with mild weather and plenty of Bull Redfish. The weather was steady with little to no wind to speak for over 90% of September-the end of December. The few coldfronts we experienced were dry. The warm weather kept the fish schooled up longer than on an average year which was fun but now they are finally back into their routine of being spread out all over the marsh which really is what saltwater Fly Fishing is all about. (The Hunt.)

IMG_3211 (1).jpg IMG_3162 (2).jpg IMG_3181.jpg IMG_3155.jpg

It's mid January now and the fish are happy and eating very well.

IMG_3151.jpg IMG_3147.jpg IMG_3132.jpg IMG_3123 (1).jpg IMG_3108.jpg

February, March, and April alway's prove to be great months for targeting these monster Bull's as the water is clear the tides are low.

IMG_3070.jpg IMG_3065.jpg IMG_3017.jpg

Check out this clip from the other day of an awesome redfish eat.

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