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I only troll one rod, in the overhead holders, way back (300' plus) The rig is as follows: One large crippled alewyfe (sp?) spoon (green/white, tandem hooks, about 8/0) with an inline swivel, 20' back from a three-way swivel, to which is attached a 3' leader parachute rig (mine is a 6oz bucktail, chartreuse/redeyes, with tandem hooked 9" sassy shad running 8/0 hook for stinger) I estimate the depth at 12-18' based on 50pd test mono/3kt spd and length of troll. No sharp turns!!
This rig also caught a 45" off Sandy Point last Nov 25th. Most fish go for the shad, not the spoon, though both have caught.
Rig courtesy of Keith, So. Maryland CCA. Any bad luck through the use of this rig is not attributable to third party counselors, either actively fishing or otherwise in the act of covering their behinds...:boat:

Rereading your question...this is the only waywayway back rod. If you are only trolling four, recommend one deep (24-28oz, spiderwire/powerpro heavy rod 4/0) with rig of choice (usually 50-75' out, puts it at 25-30' @2.8kts, w/50# test) one medium (18-20oz, 100') and one high (4-8oz, 125') and the long rig stated above. Best coverage of depth. Use combo of white/chartreuse (white seems to be the ticket lately) and some folks swear by purple/black. When you hook up, adjust weight to target that depth with at least two rods.
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