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Guess this is about my last journey to the M&M this year. It almost let me down. We fished the incomming tide at the curve from about 9am to 11ish. Nothing. Not even a good tap. Don't know whats up with the ole (usually faithful) curve, but it sure has been slow in recent weeks.

Anyway. Moved over to the tube as the tide started to turn and dropped the frozen bunker. The first fish came nearly as soon as it hit bottom. I took icy bunker out of his mouth. Thereafter, it was steady. Several slot fish. Most in the 25" range. No skippies. They were in 55 feet of water at the edge of a hole that shows 78 feet at one point. Right off the big bell bouy. I've fished that hole several times recently and did very well every time. You can see the spot easily on satellite imagery - the water discoloration forms a triangle.

Take care out there,
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