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Trailered out to Hampton, and headed out to the M&M to get after the rock fish at 2pm. Got out to the bridge to find plenty of boats fishing the curve and south. Fished there for bout 30 min, then headed for the tube. Dropped the hook at the tube, and it was on. We caught the last hour of out going tide, and got our limit. We had a hard time getting our limit, because we caught so many slot fish...but they were fun. Ended the daywith 4 fish btwn 24-28, 7 more in the slot, and home with boat and fish cleaned before 6pm!! Nice to finally get out without the wind blowing so bad...looks like everyone else had the same idea.

On another note...started to head back to the ramp, and my motor would not make more than 3000 rpm. Started bucking badly, and cut off twice. Had to stop and take the fuel/water seperator off and dump it...motor ran great after that...had a good amount of water in it! Gotta love the ethanol gas!

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