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Since I managed fot find time to pick up a pfd and paddle leash, I took my new T140 out for a spin today.
Nothing truly exciting, just a few quick trips back and forth across the lake at Cunningham falls. And I have to tell you, I think I'm really going to enjoy this.
So far I've built my PVC stand in the basement. Picked up a Staples crate(had to trim to fit) to put in the tank well. Got a rod holder/pack mounted to the seat back. And a RAM mount for my GPS.
Now for the hard part. Which fish finder to by. And deciding between the Scotty and RAM rod mount systems. I like the adjustability of the RAMs, but Scotty has that 3 item bar mount. I'ld like to try both and see which I like better, but thats a lot of extra hole in a new yak.
Any suggestions?
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