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Marathon Key at mid-Feb

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I'm headed for Marathon Key from VA in mid-Feb for a long weekend and plan to fly fish. Any idea what's biting? Type fly? Best location--I'll have a small boat one day and will probably wade after that.
I'm a fresh water mountain trout fisherman but want to take advantage of a weekend in the Keys.
Many thanks,
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Fin Tonic,

Marathon is a great place to fish in the Keys. Drift 9 Mile bridge and cast along the pillings. You're early for tarpon but other critters will be about. Another good spot is the entrance into Boot Key Harbor on the Atlantic side. Very good cuda spot. I'm a fly dude also, but bring a short stick to dangle some shrimp along those pilings. Mostly reef species and on the small side but you never know when something with some shoulders might grab it.

There are a couple boat rental places and plenty to do otherwise. Check out FL Sportsman's bulletin board in the Keys section for more ideas.
Fintonic - Tissy Furras has two great spots listed!!!! I fishedem 2yrs ago. Another assume place is SAMBRO REEF alantic side, Rent a 18ft and go their, fish the back side theres a drop-off and
use cut ballyho hooked into some big Kings. The problem I had was I brought my freashwater gear 12lbs test and I couldnt stop-em.Another option would book a guide for 200-400 you could get the guided tour Gulf or Reef!!!!! Did that and caught our limit of Mahi-mahi.
Theirs a coupple of great tackle stores The Tackel Box and World
class Anglers. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
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