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Hearing Date Scheduled for Gill Net Bill - Are you going?...Let us know

Your Presence is Needed in Annapolis

A pivotal point regarding SB 1032 has arrived, a Hearing Date has been scheduled!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 20th
TIME: 1:00 P.M.
(take a half day)

You have read the headlines, you have contacted your legislator, now is the time to travel to Annapolis and demand that gill nets be prohibited in Maryland waters!

If you have the ability to travel to Annapolis on Tuesday, March 20th to show your support of SB 1032, please do so. We have seen great numbers of people sending in emails, writing letters, and making phone calls, we must not give up now! We need you in Annapolis!

A simple and easy way to attend the hearing:

Travel to Annapolis:

Drive to Navy Marine Corp Stadium Parking Lot
ARRIVE by 11:30 AM
Address: Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
550 Taylor Ave.
Annapolis, Md. 21401-2220
Driving Directions Click Here

You may park at the stadium for $5

Travel to Senate Building from Stadium Lot:
A trolley will be traveling between the stadium parking lot and the Senate Office building every 20 minutes. We will have a MSSA representative on the trolley to escort people to and from

You do not have to testify if you do not want to. Your presence is enough. However, if you do wish to testify it would be greatly appreciated and you must sign the witness register by 12:00 PM (noon).

Thank you in advance for you time on this very important issue. For too long Maryland citizens have witnessed egregious poaching cases and large fish kills due to gill nets. Now is the time to tell our elected officials, enough is enough, gill nets need to go!

If you have not sent your legislator an email telling them to support SB 1032,
click here!
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