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The MARI artificial reef program is looking for volunteer anglers to make some trips to one of four artificial reefs in the bay (Memorial Stadium Reef, Love Point Reef, Hollicut's Noose Reef, or Cedar Point Reef) and report their catch data as part of a survey to evaluate fishing success at the reef sites. If you fish any of these reefs, we would very much appreciate your participation to help assess the benefits of the reefs to recreational anglers. If interested, contact Erik Zlokovitz at [email protected] or 410-260-8324.
Anglers are being asked to try to make at least one trip a month to one of the reef sites in June, July, and August. You'll be asked to measure some fish and count each fish you catch. There will be a webinar on May 21 to go over the specifics, but instructions will be posted on the DNR website for those who can't make the webinar. If you e-mail Erik send him your name, e-mail address, mailing address (to have log sheets sent to you, and a MARI hat as well), telephone number (for the webinar call).
Thanks to the efforts of the MARI program there are now 20 artificial reefs in the Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and even more off the Maryland Atlantic Coast. By volunteering for the reef survey your data helps MARI to continue their efforts to improve recreational fishing in Maryland waters.
ONE MORE THING: MARI is also looking for volunteers who fish the Bass Grounds and the African Queen (a 463 acre site) to contribute catch data as well this year. Please contact Eric Zlokovitz (same contact info as above) if you can help out.
Thanks guys, and gals too.


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